The Elevated Section of the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway
Parking Cones, tar, carpet padding, cheerleader megaphone with speaker playing audio of seagulls, car cd deck, computer power supply, boat rope, wood, zip ties, hardware, tin, blue sand, speaker wire, steel
This installation was made in nostalgia for living on the gulf coast. In my final year of living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana I drove to see my great-grandmother in Lake Charles, Louisiana several weekends in a row as she suffered from a broken hip. I spent a lot of time on I-10, which connects the east coast to the west coast running through the southern U.S. I-10 is also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway. A large section of this highway in Louisiana is elevated over swampland.

After being landlocked for several years now in living in Kentucky, I drive through a national park called Land Between the Lakes on a regular basis. The bridges that allow you to enter this large island peninsula from the east or west pass over two rivers that are heavily trafficked with barges. Seagulls fly in circles over the large ships. Noticing the seagulls reminded me of my experiences during my trips to Lake Charles. I began to miss the grit, the ocean and culture of the Deep South, and my great-grandmother.
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