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It's Lonely out Here
It's Lonely out Here
Coyote pelt, door, doorknob, salvaged wood, plywood, zip ties, grommets, polyurethane adhesive, pigment, steel, hardware, lamp parts, wood glue, window screen, sawdust, studio debris, metal flake, cd player and receiver playing sounds of dog howling
Dimensions variable

Its Lonely Out Here consists of a recreation of the Russian satellite Sputnik, made out of steel scraps, sawdust, studio debris, glue, metal flake, dowel rods, stereo parts, and a speaker. My version of the satellite is being created in an attempt to understand the magnitude and impact the science, technology, and mechanics behind aerospace engineering has had and continues to have on our everyday lives. The installation is also inspired by my time living out in the country alone, particularly by time spent outside at night in this new-to-me experience of isolation.

Sputnik was the first successful satellite launched into space and marks an important historical shift in our global connection with one another. The original Sputnik was basically a radio that bleeped signals from orbit back to earth. These signals could be picked up by anyone with a ham radio.