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Who’s Got a Price on Their Head?
Who’s Got a Price on Their Head?
Salvaged corrugated sheet metal, roof patch, dirty old carpet, cast aluminum wolf jaw created from a 3D scan and 3D print, projection mapped video of Operation Crossroads, Baker event from 1946*, wood, steel, urethane adhesive, pigment, foam, fabric, etc
Dimensions variable

My work investigates themes of personal and shared histories. With that in mind, this piece, is a closer examination of aggression and the idea that we are building our own destruction through a desire for power.

Robert E. Arnall was a U.S. Military Telegrapher at Operation Crossroads in Bikini Atoll leading up to the Cold War (peacetime).

I didn’t know my grandfather, but his memory bothers me though stories of his anger, alcoholism, aggression and the abuse he caused my father.

In Paducah, KY, I witnessed an American Pit Bull Terrier chase, catch and eat a cat in a neighbor’s backyard. A woman was on top of the dog punching it, and spraying it in the face with pepper spray. The dog did not let go. The cat and the dog were of the same owner.

Mortality is inevitable.

*Original video is from the WPA File Library. Baker was the second nuclear device tested at Bikini Atoll. Baker was detonated July 24th 1946.