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In the context of being art, or part of an art work, a familiar object becomes a potent question for viewers to contemplate. It prods viewers to recall the functions of and places the particular items are used. A simple union of a few familiar objects speaks volumes to viewers. The combining of even the most disparately related items will allow us to formulate new meanings or metaphors for the shapes due to the merging of their original individual purposes. I examine this with my sculptural works that explore the union of commonplace domestic and industrial objects.

I accept the baggage that comes along with them; their histories and functions and what each suggests. My intention with these objects, however, is to subvert the contextual boundaries which define them. I manipulate them in opposition to the way they are normally presented, encountered and understood, but leave them recognizable. I am interested in the absurdity of obstructing function and creating unexpected associations between ordinary things.